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About the association

About the association:

The main goals of the association are:

• promoting the flexible workforce solutions and enhancing the reputation of the staffing industry;
• explaining the added value, provided by staffing solutions, to employers, employees, decision makers and the public in general;
• contributing to better organisation the labour market and modernisation of legislative drafting. 

The plans involve close co-operation with public and private sector, aimed at enhancing the labour market efficiency and flexibility, creation and implementation of a code of ethics of staffing companies. All staffing companies with high ethical values, strictly law abiding and promoting impeccable business culture are welcome to join.

Flexible workforce solutions will contribute to the flexibility of the whole labour market and will help to relieve many full-time employees from excessive work, which, in turn will increase the satisfaction people have with their work and therefore, will also enhance efficiency. Growth trend of personnel rental services is quite strong and clear in developed countries and its positive effect on society in whole is notable and measurable.

In European countries with more flexible labour market, 3-5% of all employment contracts are based on rental relations; in Estonia this would translate into thousands of new jobs and, above all, in the ‘bottlenecks’ of the labour market, incl. People only interested in part-time jobs (young mothers, students, people with special needs etc.). The harder it is to find suitable employees and he more time it takes to search and the higher are the expenses, related to laying employees off, the higher will be the popularity and demand for outsourcing full personnel rental package either to fill single vacancies or hiring complete functional units from companies, specialising in providing professional personnel solutions.

Flexible labour market will increase considerably the competitiveness of economy as whole.